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Jubus - The Jew Beyond the Lotus

From the Jewish Buddhists to Jewish Mindfulness

Having started as a fringe counter-culture experimentation with Eastern practices in the 60s, how has Mindfulness meditation made its way to synagogues and Orthodox day schools in America and beyond?


Since Kamenetz’s bestseller ״The Jew in the Lotus״, the Jubus (Jewish-Budhist) phenomenon may have had an unforeseen positive impact on contemporary Jewish Spirituality. 


Understanding the Jubu phenomenon can help decipher the Jewish attraction for Buddhism in the twentieth century, but also its surprising consequences, such as the formation of Jewish Mindfulness and the revival of indigenous Jewish Meditation


This lecture explores the unforeseen impact of the Jewish Buddhist phenomenon on Jewish Culture. draws a clear distinction between Jewish mindfulness and Jewish meditation, and will leave you more equipped, and perhaps inspired, to explore both.

Drawing from years of fieldwork in the United States, the UK, France, and Israel, Dr. Mira Neshama Weil (Nee Niculescu), a Sociologist of Religion and a Jewish mindfulness and meditation teacher, has been researching the Jubus (Jewish-Buddhist) phenomenon and the origins of Jewish mindfulness for more than a decade.

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