My name is Mira Neshama. 

I believe that I am here to serve and enjoy Life. 

I walk the path of Jewish Spirituality and I love Torah. 

I draw on rabbinic tradition that sees Jewish study and practice and body-mind balance as complementary.

I have experienced and seen how meditation and mindfulness infuse life with serenity and resilience.


My passion and my life's work are to share the beauty, meaning, and transformative power of Jewish texts, rituals, and contemplative practices.


I guide individuals and groups into a joyful and meaningful relationship with Judaism - through reconnection to Jewish texts and rituals, and a rediscovery of the spiritual practices enshrined in the Jewish tradition.

I love working with people to facilitate their unique journeys in developing, deepening or sustaining a personalized spiritual practice rooted in Jewish tradition.

I look forward to blossoming with you, 

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