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Morning Jewish Meditation (MJM)

Tikkun Olam through Tikkun Midot

In an era dominated by the relentless pace of life and technology, stress and anxiety have become commonplace. We often accept these feelings as side effects of modernity and seek ways to alleviate them.

In recent years, mindfulness meditation has gained popularity as a remedy. However, we believe that stress and anxiety are signals of internal imbalance. Instead of viewing meditation as a quick fix, we see it as an integral part of a transformative way of life.

MJM is an indigenous Jewish meditation program that blends Hasidic meditation and Musar (ethical) practice. It helps us connect with our true selves and embody Divine character traits such as generosity and compassion. By working on these character traits (Tikkun Midot), we can contribute to healing the world (Tikkun Olam).

Why Practice With Us?

In the first half of the 21st century, an era associated more than any other with stress and anxiety, and mindfulness meditation have become synonymous with stress relief.

Stress and anxiety are often perceived as natural side effects of our fast-paced, highly technological modern life. However, the philosophy behind MJM is that stress and anxiety are actually healthy symptoms, indicating that something isn't right within us.

In reality, much of our discomfort arises from our self-centeredness and disconnection from our true nature, others, and life itself.

Jewish spiritual traditions suggest that our spiritual nature and responsibility are to emulate the Divine and embody character traits (midot) such as loving-kindness, compassion, generosity, temperance, and equanimity.

We practice Hashkata meditation to liberate ourselves from the illusions of our ego, connect to our true selves, the Divine, and the world. Through this practice, we often experience serenity and notice how stress and anxiety fade away.

And we practice every morning because what we do upon awakening sets the tone for our day, and what we do everyday becomes our lives.

What We Practice

Our Morning Jewish Meditation practice draws wisdom from Jewish sages spanning over two millennia.

From the teachings of the early twentieth-century Piaseczno Rebbe to the timeless teachings of medieval sages like Maimonides and his son, the Raavam, and back to the Mishnah from the 1st and 2nd centuries.

Central to our practice is Hashkata meditation taught by the Piaseczno Rebbe, an indigenous Hasidic technique that aims to help us embody these Divine character traits and behaviors.

This practice involves a structured four-part process:

  • Contemplating our thoughts

  • Connecting to a guiding verse mentioning the character trait we wish to refine

  • Repeating words of intention to nurture the seeds of change within.

  • Chanting a Nigun (melody) to a powerful psalm (86.11), infusing our efforts with profound harmony and purpose.

This introspective journey focuses on cultivating essential character traits such as kindness, generosity, trust, or humility—core virtues in the Jewish spiritual path.

Each month, we dedicate ourselves to exploring one specific character trait, allowing us to embody these divine qualities more fully and contribute to making our world a better place.

How MJM Works Technically

Our group starts a new cycle at the beginning of every month, but you can join us anytime.

When We Meet

The core weekly gathering is a 75-minute session on Sundays, bringing together participants from all over the world. It combines Hashkata meditation, Musar (ethical) teachings , and interactive discussions.

This session serves as the foundation of our journey, helping you start the week with a comprehensive plenary workshop designed to support and enrich your practice.


To further support your daily practice, MJM offers 20-minute morning guided meditations throughout the week:

  • Live sessions on Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Recorded meditations for weekdays (Monday & Wednesday).

  • Another special meditation on Friday—a weekly Cheshbon Nefesh (soul inquiry) in preparation for Shabbat.

Who Can Join

We strive to make MJM as accessible as possible to everyone by focusing on three elements: Schedule, Pricing and prior experience.


To accommodate as many schedules and time zones as possible, live sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays are held for three different groups:

  • Europe.

  • American East Coast.

  • American West Coast.

We meet at three different times successively throughout the day at the same time for each time zone: 7:30 am Central European Time, 7:30 am EST, and then 7:30 am PST. This means that if you couldn't make it to your regular session, you can always join one of the other time zones.

While MJM currently serves Jews in Israel, Europe, and the Americas, we are aware of the need to include communities in Australia and Asia as well.

We are actively exploring options for expansion in these regions and welcome your input and interest in starting a Morning Jewish Meditation group in an Asian time zone.


Joining our group is accessible to all through an open participation model (Terumah, voluntary contribution), offering a range of options to suit individual financial situations. These options include:

  • Supportive rate of $104/month.

  • Regular rate of $78/month.

  • Scholarship of $26/month.

We understand that financial circumstances can vary, and we are committed to ensuring that anyone interested in joining our community can do so. If needed, please do not hesitate to get in touch for further scholarship options.

Jewish and Meditation background

MJM welcomes both beginners and experienced meditators. Regardless of your level of meditation practice or your knowledge of Judaism, you'll find a nurturing environment to explore and deepen your spiritual practice, and connection to your Judaism.


To enhance accessibility and flexibility, recordings of all sessions are provided, allowing you to practice on your own time.

MJM is about embodying ethical principles and character traits (Tikkun Midot) and translating them into meaningful actions, ultimately contributing to making a better world (Tikkun Olam)—a world imbued with compassion and kindness.

And it can start with each of us today.

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