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 Press + Podcasts Interviews

With "Seekers of Unity"

In this interview with Zevi Slavin, founder of the Religion and Spirituality Channel Seekers of Unity, Mira speaks about ethics and the Piaceszno rebbe's most famous meditation practice.

With the"Holy Land"Show

In this Interview with Emily Frances from the Holy Land Show on I24, Mira speaks about the origins of Jewish Mindfulness and how it is an indigenous ethos.

With "Be Here Now"

In this interview by Jewish Psychedelic Journalist Madison Margolin, Mira speaks about Judaism, editation, being here now, and cultivating compassion.

With "Jewish World Weekly"

In this debate about Chabad's place in the Jewish world, in Caleb Ben David's Jewish World Weekly on I24, Mira tries to bring a more nuanced approach.

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