The gift of RETREAT

Retreats are a gift for life.


When we go on retreat, whether for a few hours or for a few days, we  give ourselves the space and focus to strengthen and deepen our practice, boosting its  transformative power.

In the Jewish tradition, self-isolation (Hitbodedut) is seen as essential, on a regular basis, to deepen our spiritual practice.

When we  go on retreat we isolate ourselves from the world for a moment. We take a break from our daily life, so we can focus on inner exploration, prayer, and this way we take care of our bodies and soul. We do this so we can strengthen the muscles for happiness, wisdom and compassion that are already there within us.


Meditation retreat is a momentary step out of daily life so we can come back more present, calm, patient and positive, so we can be better partners, employees and bosses, parents, and friends- starting with friends to ourselves. 

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